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Legal awareness – guarantee of consciousness of legal culture among teaching staff of the branch

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Starting from April 2014 legal education lessons are being organized for employees of the branch of JSC «NCPD «Orleu» in Pavlodar region. The objective of the lesson is to promote consciousness of legal culture and legal awareness among employees of the branch. Legal awareness is achieved through providing information about legally enforceable enactments, subordinate legislation, statutory enactments of joint stock companies and other documents in the field of education. The articles of the Constitution, annual presidential addresses and current legislation are discussed. Members of the law enforcement agencies, justice institutions, Department of labor and social security are involved in public legal education.    

For instance, an employee of the Committee for legal statistics and recordings of the General Prosecutor Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Pavlodar region gave a lesson on the Code on administrative offences.     The Law “On traffic” and traffic regulation rules were discussed during the lecture organized by the Department of Internal Affairs of Pavlodar region. 

Promotion of legal culture and development of legal consciousness are important components of the formation of civil society, which also enable the formation of an independent, democratic and legal state.


Kairbayeva M.D., Head of Administrative Department of the branch of JSC «NCPD «Orleu» in Pavlodar region