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On April 27, 2018 in the branch of the JSC "NCPD" Orleu" Teachers Professional Development Institute in Karaganda region held a regional scientific and methodological on-line seminar "The development of an individual educational route for children with special educational needs". The representatives of Karaganda region 16 educational organizations participated in the work of the seminar. The delegates of comprehensive and special schools, orphanages and medical and social institutions shared their experience in the individualization and differentiation of teaching children with special educational needs through the development of an educational route.

L.Olifirenko, a teacher-defectologist of  "Kulynshak" Children's Home in Karaganda, presented an algoritm for the development of an individual correctional-developing route for a preschool child with special educational needs. S.Abueva, a teacher-defectologist of "School № 25" in Karaganda, I. Zablotskaya, Deputy Director of the Resource Center for Inclusive Education in school No. 27 in Karaganda shared their experience in developing and implementing individual psychological and pedagogical support programs for students with special educational needs in the conditions of  updated  curriculum.

O.Nigodina, N.Xu-fu-shun, teachers-defectologists of the Children psychoneurological medical and social institution  in Karaganda region, revealed the features of the “Elective program for teaching children with severe and deep mental retardation", which makes it possible to take into account the structure and degree of defect, interests and the strengths of each child's intellectual activity.

In conclusion, in open mic mode, the seminar participants noted the importance of spreading of teachers-defectologists experience and experimental sites for working with special educational needs children .The participants expressed their gratitude to  Karaganda Professional Development Institute authorities for professional support of teachers in Karaganda region.


Alfina Sakayeva, Head of Education and Personality Socialization Department, PhD