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Spiritual and moral bases of updating of education: from unique heritage to the successful future

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Environment, education, self-education became questions of discussion at the regional scientific and practical conference: "Spiritual and moral bases of renewal of education: from a unique heritage to a successful future" (to the 70th anniversary of the Aktobe IPD). On April 27, 2018 The event was held in accordance with the operational plan of JSC “NCPD”Orleu" in the Aktobe branch. Director of the Institute, Candidate of Philological sciences Abisheva N.M. noting the importance of spiritual and moral education of a person in the context of national and confessional identity in the conditions of modern transformations:

- Within the framework of the Program for modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity" "Рухани жаңғыру", scientists, historians, regional specialists, honoured workers of professional development system , teachers of the region take part in this conference. It is gratifying that among the speakers: A. Taizhanov, Doctor of Philosophy , professor of the West Kazakhstan M.Ospanov State Medical University; Abdullayev N.A., Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of K. Zhubanov Aktobe Regional State University.; Duisenbayev A.K., Candidate of pedagogical sciences, Head of Department. We need to discuss a range of issues related to the cultural heritage of the region, its unique local history experience, scientific achievements in education, and the search for new ways in the system of professional development aimed at patriotic education of the younger generation.

Tazhbenova S.B., senior research fellow of the Aktobe regional memorial museum of the Hero of the Soviet Union A. Moldagulova shared experience of museum pedagogy. Based on the documents of the heroine, talks were prepared with the senior pupils of the Aktobe schools and university students; Turniyazova A.U., Director of the Center for Family Values, Master of Pedagogy and Psychology, noted the importance of development and preservation of family values. According to her, the experience of many countries (Kazakhstan, Spain, Russia, Finland, etc.) has been accumulated in the Center's repository. The material is used in off-site trainings for young families, working with married couples. The task of the institution of education is to actualize the feeling of the child's involvement with the family, family, relatives; to give an opportunity to understand the rules governing family relationships; initiate awareness of the children of family values, traditions, customs. Only a strong harmonious family, having a strong moral foundation, respecting the traditions of ancestors, based on the equality of all its members, mutual love and respect, can act as a guarantor of stability and prosperity of the state. It is this goal that should be addressed in the work of educators in the formation of a gender culture and the culture of family relations of the younger generation.

Rakhbayev K.K., the teacher of history of NIS in Aktobe shared the pedagogical observations of students during trips to historical places. The teacher believes that the trips of children through their native country form patriotic feelings and love for the motherland.

The second part of the conference was held in four sections, where the teachers touched on a range of topics in such areas as historical local history, the unique experience of workers in the system of advanced training, and the cultural scientific and educational achievement of the region.

Honored guests – honoured workers of professional development system Bektengaliyev A.Kh., Perezhogina L.I. took a very active part in the sectional work, also received letters of thanks for the active continuation of the work as mentors. Unique pedagogical experience is in demand at all times.

The participants of the event, noting the fruitful work of the conference, came to a common opinion that society is only then able to set and solve large-scale national tasks when it has a common system of moral guidelines.

Based on the results of the regional scientific and practical conference, recommendations were adopted, an electronic collection of materials was published. The participants of the conference received letters of appreciation and certificates.

We express our sincere gratitude to all participants for their interest in the work of the conference, active participation in the solution of the large-scale problems under consideration, and demonstration of high professionalism in the process of interactive interaction.


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