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August conference: business mindset, experience and enthusiasm

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On August 23, 2018, employees of the branch of JSC “NCPD “Orleu” IPD in Karaganda region participated in the work of the section of the August meeting of teachers for deputy directors of correctional educational organizations.

The main specialist of the Education Department of the Karaganda region L.K. Gavrilenko with a salutatory word addressed the participants of the section, which identified medium-term and short-term tasks for the new school year before the correctional schools.

The teachers of secondary schools in Abay and Saran shared their experience in the conditions of updating the content of secondary education.

A Constructive discussion on the implementation of the updated content of education and ways to solve problems with the branch of JSC “NCPD “Orleu” IPD in the Karaganda region held in the discussion with the head of the Department of Education and Socialization of Personality A.N. Sakayeva.

In conclusion, the methodist of the Training and Methodical of Education Development in the Karaganda region G.Z. Abisheva focused on the specifics of the organization of the educational process in special schools in the 2018-2019 academic year.