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Advanced training courses – a pledge of professional growth

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In the period from 10th to 21st September 2018, following short-term advanced courses are held in accordance with the Institute's plan on the basis of the branch office of  the branch of JSC “NCPDOrleu” of the Institute for Advanced Training of Pedagogical Workers in Kyzylorda.

Two courses of advanced training in conditions of updating the content of  secondary education for educators, teachers of groups and classes of pre-school education of pre-school organizations on the topic "Ensuring the continuity of the content of preschool education and training and primary education" (G.Akpbeketova, L.Musataeva), for trainers-organizers the initial military and technological training organizations of secondary education on the topic "Innovative approaches and methods of teaching the subject" Initial military and technological training " (K.Sagimbaev).

Within the framework of refresher courses, it is planned to hold round tables in order to implement the plan of the republican project «Туған жер. Туған ел. Туған глобал» for 2018-2022.