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Realization of the party project "school canteens"

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The parent community and teachers in schools have repeatedly raised the issue of the quality of children's nutrition. Also, these issues have been repeatedly discussed by activists in social networks and at various venues. To solve a number of urgent problems in the field of nutrition and coordination of parental committees, the business community in the face of canteen tenants, representatives of school administrations and education administrations, Nur Otan party developed the project "School Canteens".

At the August meeting of Aktobe region teachers, the director of the school canteens Kalausha Sadykova, who presented her project on proper nutrition of children. These issues were discussed at a seminar held on the basis of the IT school-lyceum No.72 of Aktobe, where in practice a high level of food culture is provided. On many questions posed by the participants of the seminar: how to organize a proper balanced diet at school? What natural and high-quality products are used in practice in the school canteen? What to look for when drawing up the menu? convincing and professional answers were received from Kalausha Akmurzayevna.

The workshop participants were convinced that the school had all the necessary conditions for proper and high-quality nutrition: a new equipment, a combi-steamer, which uses various modes of combining steam and forced convection for cooking. The combi-steamer replaces several types of heating equipment, such as: steamer, oven, convection oven, electric cooker and others.

During the seminar an interesting exchange of experience took place. The participants expressed special gratitude to the coordinators of the seminar of Aktobe branch of JSC “NCPD“ Orleu ”, Director of the school canteens Kalausha Sadykova, staff of the canteen and wished everyone fruitful and successful work to ensure healthy nutrition of schoolchildren.


Kubenova G.A.

leading specialist