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The first step of robotics development is taken in the pre-school organizations of Aktobe

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Is it necessary to introduce robotics in pre-school education? What kind of robots do 5 and 6 year- old children have? What methods and constructors to use and how does this happen in a pre-school organization? Such issues became one of the central topics discussed at the regional seminar "Issues of pre-school robotics development in Kazakhstan on the example of the experience of the experimental platform of the " Kazrobotics federation ". On March 1, about 100 teachers of pre-school organizations gathered in the Aktobe branch of JSC “NCPD” Orleu”, which received comprehensive answers to theoretical and practical questions on robotics. Moderator of the regional seminar Director of the Aktobe branch of JSC “NCPD“ Orleu ”, Candidate of Philology Abisheva N.M. welcomed the participants, wishing everyone productive work, constructive dialogue and effective interaction. Zhekeyeva A.A. - President of the “KazRobotics” Federation (Astana) in her welcoming speech acquainted teachers with the  robotics development in Kazakhstan. Zhamansarina R.S. - representative of the Education Department of the Aktobe region, Pashkevich A.A. - Director of the city center of technical creativity, Shokanov B.S. - teacher of informatics of NIS in Aktobe, Goncharov AS - Vice-President of the KazRobics" Federation " in their speeches focused on the fact that special attention is paid to pre-school education, because during this period all the fundamental components of the  personality formation of the child, the creative and cognitive activity of children are laid, and this in turn requires the construction development . The head of the kindergarten "Altyn besik" of Petropavlovsk M.T Darbayeva shared the accumulated experience in the development of robotics in pre-school organizations. Representatives of RadioMart.kz D.V. Lyamtsev, I.S Sinenko presented robo-equipment for pre-school organizations.

In the practical part of the seminar, the participants visited pre-school organizations of Aktobe,  No. 33 “Nursat”, No. 43 “Guldauren”, No. 52 “Kulager”, where they saw preschoolers who enthusiastically presented their first robo-projects.

In the final part of the seminar, the participants highly appreciated the level of the event and the experience of pre-school organizations, thanked the teaching staff and children. The first step in the development of preschool robotics - made! We hope that the experience presented at the seminar will be embodied in the preschool organizations of our region!



Kubenova G.A.,

leading specialist