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Regional correspondence essay contest «How do you feel about being a new format teacher?»

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President of Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev distinguished 6 directions in the programmatic article "Orientation on the future: spiritual revival". One of them is modernisation of the system of education. In this connection on the 12th of  March, 2019 by a department "Methodology of teaching of scientifically-natural (humanitarian) disciplines and innovative technologies" Branch of JSC “National Center for Professional Development “Orleu” Institute Development Qualification for Pedagogical staff in Almaty region among the teachers of  English was the regional in absentia competition of essay of "How do you feel about being a new format teacher" organized?


Aim of competition : Analyses of levels of writing of essay among the English teachers, exchange by their innovative ideas, supports of creative initiatives in the programmatic article of President Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev            " Orientation on the future: spiritual revival " within the framework of realization of project "How do you feel about being a new format teacher"?


Basic tasks of competition :

- support of creative initiatives of teachers of English;

- development of creativity and critical thinking among the teachers of region;

- ability to plan an essay in accordance with a structure and requirements of writing  essay.


Language of competition : English

Total for the competition in the region received 37 works:

- 37 essays - Teachers of the "English language".

Competitive materials were accepted before March 07.

Applications for participation in the competition were reviewed by the organizers of the competition and the best essays were selected.

According to the rules of the competition, the best essays completed according to specified criteria were awarded diplomas of 1,2,3 degrees and certificates.