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Assessment criteria - new approach in teaching learners

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By the branch  of JSC “NCPD “Orleu” in Aktobe region within  the framework of implementation of idea of ​​updating curriculum of primary and secondary education in the Republic of Kazakhstan,  On April 6, 2019  was  held a regional  practical  seminar on the theme “Assessment criteria - new approach in teaching learners”. In  seminar participated 29 Chemistry  teachers of aktobe region.

        The aim of seminar: to develop the conception about the assessment criteria as a new approach in teaching.

        At the seminar, the tasks were to form teachers' understanding of the criteria-based assessment system and  development of skills in the development of criteria for assessing student achievement in the classroom, conducting the electronic registers.

        The first part of the seminar was devoted to the theoretical aspects of criteria-based assessment system. The video-contents “Substantiation of the criteria evaluation system”, “About the order of carrying out criteria-based assessment”, “Electronic registers” and etc, which were developed by NIS, were watched during this part.

        The second part was the practical part, where teachers designed the assessment criteria, descriptions and tasks, according to  the criteria.

        The final part of the seminar was the protection of practical works. Also teachers, who implement the assessment criteria successfully in their chemistry lessons, shared with their experience. They told about their faced problems, their decisions and gave them some recommendations for using formative and summative assessment and conducting the electronic registers.

        According to the results of reflection, participants noted that the seminar achieved the goals and contributed to the formation of knowledge about assessment criteria and development of skills in the learning process.


Izteleujva Z.S.,
senior lecturer  of department of innovative technologies and methodology for teaching natural science (humanities) disciplines