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Kids are happy and old people too

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There is a brilliant idea in the world: to combine "Retirement home" with "Orphanage". The process takes place in Canada, the UK, Russia, and such  practice occurs in Kazakhstan. The results of the merger exceeded all the expectations. Old people find loving grandchildren, while orphans for the first time feel what family love and care are.

On the eve of the children's Day, the employees of Zhambyl - "Orleu" decided to use this wonderful social novelty. Together with the guests of the home for the elderly and disabled № 2 (Center for social and special services) they visited Mother's home, with whom they had an interesting conversation about life and children.

Head of the Department of psychological and pedagogical support of the educational process c.p.s., associate professor Shinar Toyganbekova conducted a "spider web", where the participants shared with their innermost wishes – to become loved children and parents, feel the support of loved ones. Shinar Toyganbekova was awarded a letter of thanks for her kind heart and compassion by Mother's home administration.

Also, National Center for professional development “Orleu” “Institute for Professional Development of Pedagogical staff of Zhambyl Region” branch received a letter of thanks with touching words: Good deeds do not go unnoticed - they are like beacons, shine to those who are waiting for help. Your example is also illustrative to other philanthropists. By helping, you give not only material values, but also give joy and hope."

The staff of the branch will always try to justify this joy and hope!


Elena Begalieva,

c.f.s. of psychological and pedagogical support of the educational process department