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CLIL methodology in practice

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The trainers of the department of psychological and pedagogical support of the educational process of Zhambyl “Orleu”  Shynar Toyganbekova  and  Dina Seydanova  was held a training seminar on the topic “CLIL as one of the Methods for the Development of Critical Thinking of Students”. The seminar participants were teachers of English and Russian languages ​​of Taraz city.

        The purpose of this seminar was to improve the pedagogical skills of teachers on using the CLIL methodology in the conditions of updated education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

         During the seminar, the participants got acquainted with the history of the CLIL methodology, where the participants had to find a connection between CLIL and the EU.

        To consolidate the theoretical part of the seminar, trainer Toyganbekova Sh.M. explained the essence of the CLIL & 4C methodology and proposed to consolidate the information received in practice,dividing the participants into groups using the “Mosaic” technique: CULTURE, CONTENT, COMMUNICATION, COGNITION, where the groups were supposed to come up with activity how to present the bicycle parts to students according to a certain pattern of CLIL.

      This task was organized and conducted by the trainer Seydanova D.A. In order to verify understanding of the CLIL methodology, were asked some questions:

     Which bike is faster a tandem or regular bike?

     How can I link a tandem bike with CLIL?

The seminar was ended with reflection:

   - What task was difficult to complete?

   - How will you apply this technique in the classroom?

Seminar participants thanked the organizers of the training seminar for its informativeness, accessibility and interesting approach to conduct it.



Aygerim Abzalbekkyzy,

trainer of Zhambyl Orleu