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Blended learning courses at start

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At the beginning of the school year, “Aktоbe-Оrleu” started courses for methodologists and educators of preschool organizations in the mode of blended learning . The deputy, Director, Ph.D. Aymukatov A.T., head of the academic department, master Utarov B.S. made a welcoming speech.
The term “Blended learning” appeared in the corporate environment about 30 years ago. As far back as the 1980s, “Being” company improved the skills of employees on the job by listening to CDs and watching videos.
At the present stage, Blended learning - mixed learning is actively developing, combining traditional learning with distance and online methods. Translated from English “blend” means "mix", and this verb perfectly conveys the essence of this model. The course listener receives knowledge both in person, communicating live with colleagues, and independently, using modern information technology.
35 teachers of the Aktobe region under the direction of a certified trainer S. Bukenova will receive professional knowledge and practical skills on the topic “Organizational and pedagogical aspects of methodological work in conditions of updating preschool education”.
For teachers, the course will end on September 25 this year with the protection of projects. We wish all listeners successful and fruitful work in mastering new knowledge!



Trnabaeva N.S.,
specialist, master