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American Corner to help English teachers

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Students of advanced training courses on the updated program on the subject «English language» visited the North Kazakhstan regional universal scientific library named аfter S. Mukanov. An Hour of periodicals «Scientific and methodological journals to help teachers of English» was organized for them.

The main purpose of this visit is to acquaint teachers with the possibilities of American Corner Petropavlovsk (language courses, book and audio Fund, Rosetta Stoune program, electronic media, etc.).

The head of the hall L. A. Ovcharenko told about the information resource center, conducted a review of new periodicals and manuals, acquainted teachers how the American corner is represented in social networks.

Teachers are interested in the calendar of events for September, which reflects the days of preparation for the international IELTS test program, showing films in English, TEDx lectures and participation in the session of onlay webinars, the work of various clubs.

The teachers received comprehensive answers to all their questions and lists of authors for the necessary journals and books.

We are confident that the opportunities of the American corner will be used by teachers in the educational process.

Zh. Dyusembayeva,

press service of North Kazakhstan region