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Post-course volume – area of methodical support.

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In particular postcourse pedagogical support system includes such a form of support as methodical away team approach. Away team approach was applied by SeniorTeacher of innovative education and informational technology department Idilup A.T. to help young teachers. About 20 of Ekubastuz primary school teachers with the experience of 3 years took part inthat event. 


The aim of away team approach is to provide methodical support to young primary school teachers in the context of update of secondary education content in The Republic of Kazakhstan.


In the beginning the teachers were offered to write an essay and that shall help in identification of deficiencies and difficulties they may have in practice. The analysis showed that followingitems were marked as troublesome:

  • records keeping and documentation

- making short-term planning

- arrangement of differential education

- arrangement of in pairand groupwork of children

  • arrangement of stages of motivation and reflection.


The teachers have analyzedthe practiceand issues they face during joint discussions and highlighted most common issues in teaching as so as expressed their own ideas and presented their vision of problems in education and the solution paths.


As a result of arranged discussion a systemic and pinpoint help was provided to teachers with their issues in teaching and education. Idilup A.T. has arranged group and individual consultancies with teachers on all named above issues.


It is particularly important for young teachers to take part in such workshops. Asaresult of reflection, theparticipantsofawayteamapproachwere on the same page in regards to positive evaluation of the results and emphasized practical orientation of work


The young teachers have highlighted thatanalysisand understanding, reflection on teaching and educational process is the key to development of professional experience.


That’s whythey have offered to arrange the meetings for young teachers in different format justifying this by usefulness of constructive discussion of lessons for professional development. Also, the teachers have highlighted the practical value of proposed exact recommendations.


Currently, the Branch is preparing to issue methodical recommendations to help short term pedagogists, named “Young teacher: actual professional activities” (Authors and editors – Akhmetniyazova A.Zh., Idilup A.T)


Guschanskaya E.V., Head of Laboratory of post-course support and introduction innovation, Departmentof Innovative Education and Information Technology