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Round table "Ways of implementation of updated programs: didactical and methodical toolkit"

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February 6, 2014 on the basis of branch of JSC NCPD "Orleu" Institute for professional development of pedagogical staff at Akmola region held a roundtable discussion in the framework of short courses "The content and methods of teaching computer science in the fifth grade in accordance with GOSO RK - 2012. "The roundtable was attended by 26 teachers of computer science at Akmola region.

The roundtable was organized by department of information technology to improve the professional competence of teachers of computer science in conditions of introduction of the new state standard.

 In her speech Mukanova R.A. Head of the department of information technology, said that the process of informatization of our society is rapidly moving forward, and the school has no choice but its adaptation to the Information Age. The need for a computer information technology in school education, especially learning the basics of computer science from 5 grade is obvious.


In her speech Omarova A.B., chief specialist of the department of information technology paid particular attention to the need to develop a new curriculum, which is due to the revision of the content of general education, the need to develop information and communication technologies (ICT). In this regard, in the course of computer science greater attention is paid to algorithmization and programming. 


 Seipiyev D.M., chief specialist of department of information technology was trained in the Republic of Korea, he described their education system, which for several decades has been able to achieve a high level of efficiency and is currently estimated by the international community as one of the best in the world.


The Republic of Korea implemented development plans, providing for the establishment of ICT infrastructure of world class in elementary, middle, high school, improving the quality of education on the basis of open access to educational content and delivery of training teachers to integrate ICT in teaching practice.

One of the directions of this work is the SMART-learning-flexible learning in an interactive learning environment through the use of mobile devices using content from around the world, freely available, allowing to expand the boundaries of learning, not only in terms of number of students, but also with in terms of time and spatial indicators: training becomes available anytime and anywhere.

In her speech Imanbalinova D.T., teacher of computer science of Seletinskaya secondary school at Ereimentau district, said about learning computer science in school, promoting mastering of modern information technology by students, focused attention of participants on the fact that the teaching of computer science should be constructed in such a way that the knowledge and skills students be able to functionally apply in their practice and professional activities.

 Oreshina I.D., teacher of computer science - general type boarding school in Schuchinsk city of Burabay district noted that modern education is in a state of intense development through the implementation of innovative activity: strategic planning, updating the content of education, the introduction of new educational technologies and programs.

    During the discussion teachers of region shared their experience on organization of work system, the use of different programs and modern equipment in the process of learning computer science.

Akmola branch of JSC NCPD "Orleu": offsite practical lessons for course participants of teachers of Russian language and literature.

In modern learning process of Russian language and literature actualization of functional literacy is one of the main objectives of education. On this basis, is defined a theme of short courses "Development and evaluation of functional literacy in reading and understanding of the text in accordance with international research: PIRLS, PISA», which took place from January 27 to February 7, 2014.


Within the course on "Development of functional literacy of pupils at lessons of Russian language and literature with the use of modern techniques and effective teaching technologies" held at February 6, 2014 on the basis of secondary school № 17 for trainees of branch of JSC NCPD "Orleu" Institute for professional development of pedagogical staff at Akmola region.


In the classroom were used communicative, creative, playing methods: discussions, debates, projects, exercises and individual assignments, poetic texts, algorithms, game tasks in solving unusual, entertaining problems, as well as the problematic method of presentation of the new topics of the mini-research based on the study of material.


In the course of course events students worked in groups to practice using effective forms of work. As a result, teachers were introduced to the theory and practice relating to courses and returned to their schools will apply them in their work, developing functional literacy of students.