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Regional seminar: «The role of innovative educational technologies in the professional growth of a teacher»

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Orleu: teacher training courses for teaching subjects in english

Since August 14, the long-term courses "Formation of the subject and communicative language competence of teachers in the conditions of teaching in three languages" for teachers of physics, biology, chemistry and compute.. Read more


Effective learning: The Program and the Result

The Branch of JSC NCPD “Orleu”, Institute for professional development of Zhambyl region, began a course of the Third (basic) level of pedagogical workers’ professional development on the program "Effective learning ". .. Read more


Orleu- 5 years on the way to success

5 years is the short period of time determining an achieving of the first goal, realizing the first objectives and great opportunity to see the results of the first action. 5 years in the system of the professional devel.. Read more



On July 25, 2017, the employees of the Branch of JSC NСDP "Orleu" for Professional Development in Karaganda region "visited the Congress Center in Astana. They witnessed one of the most spectacular events of EXPO 2017 - .. Read more


Lingua franca «EXPO-2017»

EXPO 2017 – the first large-scale project among CIS countries and a historic event for Kazakhstan; universal exposition, which could not only unite different countries, but also could demonstrate the cultural diversity .. Read more