Our Branches


History of the Branch

  • 1957 – Foundation of Institute of teacher’s improvement;
  • 1992 – Institute of teacher’s improvement reorganized to institute for professional development and retraining of pedagogic staff (IPD PS) under the Board of Education of Almaty city;  
  • 2012  – IPD PS from April 20, №263-1910-06-МК registered as Republican State Budget Enterprise.
  • 2012 – from October 2,  №58-1910-06-ф-л  was created branch of JSC “NCPD “Orleu” Institute for professional development of pedagogic staff at Almaty city.       

Annually IPD PS of Almaty at professional development courses trains 48 categories of course participants: subject teachers, specialists of preschool, special, technical, and vocational, additional education.

Priority areas of the Institute:

- training of teachers for the transition for 12-year education;

- training of subject teachers of sciences and math cycle in English in a framework of multilingualism introduction;

- the use of specialized strategies and resources on realization of inclusive programs in secondary school;

- introduction of innovational technologies M.Montessori, N.Zaicev, “Step by step” etc, in preschool education;

- full-time courses on methodics of English language teaching;

- introduction of a dual system of education in Technical and Vocational Education.

For 2010-2012 Institute has trained 13122 employees of city’s education system. In 2013 is planned training of 2235 course participants. Short-term courses are conducted without discontinuing work during the academic year. Course of teacher training for teaching subjects of sciences and math cycle in English language is 492 hours.

From April 2012 are conducted three-month courses with day release. On the courses of third (basic) level were trained 300 teachers and 12 from Republican schools. A total of 312 teachers have been trained, 301 from them were certified.

In 2013 is planned conduction of 22 courses covering 560 teachers of city.