Our Branches


Address:070002, Republic of Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kabanbay Batyr str.,160

Director of the Institute -Bayhonova Saule Zaytanovna, PhD

History of the branch

1948 - According to the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic on the proposal of the Ministry of Education of the Kazakh SSR on the basis of regional methodical cabinet of the regional Board of Education was created by the East Kazakhstan Institute of Teachers.

1998 - According to the order number of 10-k 03.02.1998 Teachers Training Institute was renamed "East Kazakhstan regional institute of professional development of education workers".

1999 By order of the Department of Education for the N 212 "East Kazakhstan regional training institute" was transformed into SOE "East-Kazakhstan Institute of Professional Development and Retraining of Education."

2009 Institute was renamed the SOE "East Kazakhstan Regional Institute training and retraining of educators' control of the East Kazakhstan regional Akym office.

   2012  Institute was renamed the State Enterprise "Institute of Professional Development of teachers on the East Kazakhstan region" of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, followed by the reorganization of the branch of "National Centre of Professional Development "Orleu".

The structure of the branch JSC NCPD "Orleu" Institute of Professional Development of teachers on East Kazakhstan Region

  • Deputy Director - Zhumanova Gauhar Saylaubekovna, PhD
  • The Institute has 4 faculties, 5 departments and governance of administrative matters.
  • The staff of the Branch consists: 1doctor, 1 professor, 11 PhDs and 2 associate professors.


  • Faculty of psycho-pedagogical support professional development of teachers
  • Faculty of education and personalization socialization
  • Faculty of innovative technologies and teaching methods of science and the humanities
  • Faculty of Management and quality of education.


  • finance department,
  • monitoring and analysis department,
  • academic department
  • department of Public Relations and Publishing,
  • department of Library Services,
  • department of Innovation,
  • department of distance education and information technology support.
Department of Psychological and Pedagogical Support professional development of teachers provides advanced professional competence of teachers and leaders of organizations following categories:

- pre-school education,

- class teachers,

- psychologists,

- teachers of correctional institutions, boarding schools.

The faculty consists of:

  • Head – Tashkenbayeva S.Z. PhD
  • Bogdan S. - Ph.D, Associate Professor.
  • Saharieva S.G. - Ph.D, Associate Professor.
  • Simbaeva SO - PhD, senior teacher.
  • Senior teachers : Abdulmanova O.Y.
  • Berekpolova G.O.
  • Botahanova B.B.
  • Zhamankulova A.K.
  • Zhanuzakova N.A.

Work of the faculty is carried out in the following areas:

  • quality and effective implementation of the thematic content of training plans and training programs for teachers;
  • methodical process to ensure teacher training (development of educational and thematic plans and programs in line with the profile of the department);
  • conducting lectures and seminars, practical and other activities in accordance with the plans of the Institute;
  • consultation and coordination of innovation of teachers;
  • provision of basic guidance to organizations on the implementation experiences of Autonomus Education Organization “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools”.

Faculty of education and personalization socialization provides advanced professional competence of teachers and heads of educational institutions in the field of education, further education and socialization.The faculty aims to promote and develop common educational space through the formation of a unified approach to the education of children and youth. Assisting in the development of invariant content models of education in educational institutions with the contemporary socio-cultural situations provides information and methodological and scientific-pedagogical support of the activities of teachers and organizers of the educational process. Develops research and guidelines, preparing publications on the issues of education and additional education of children, the results of scientific work. Develops international cooperation in the field of education of children and youth, and additional education.