Our Branches


Branch address: 080000 Taraz city, Tole bi avenue 69 А

Branch Director - Medetbekova Gulshat, Professor, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor.

Brief history of the branch:

1.     In January 2005, the Zhambyl regional institute of advanced training and retraining of teaching staff was created. Two departments functioned: "Pedagogy and psychology" and "Theory and methodology of continuing education", as well as 4 methodical classrooms and 1 information center.

2.     In February 2012 Zhambyl regional institute of advanced training and retraining of teaching staff was reorganized into the State Enterprise "The Institute for professional development of Zhambyl region ".

3.     October 3, 2012 on the basis of State Enterprise "IPD of Zhambyl region" was established  the branch of JSC NCPD "Orleu" Institute for professional development of Zhambyl region ".

       The mission of branch of JSC NCPD "Orleu" Institute for professional development of Zhambyl region is to continue the system activity on professional development and retraining of pedagogic staff- teachers of new formation in demand both in region and in the whole country. The Institute is aimed to radical modernization of education system in accordance with the strategic goals of the state in education.

This mission is realized due to the experience of the activity and corporate culture of the Institute, based on moral, aesthetic and scientific values. Proceeding from this, the goal of the PKI is to create conditions for improving the professional level and competence of teaching staff in the context of modernizing the national model of education.

On the basis of the goal, the following objectives of the NCPD are defined:

- improving the structure and content of the institute in the light of the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education";

- provision of Advisory support in the implementation of the State Program for the Development of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020;

- formation of innovative practice on the basis of a personal-oriented model of teacher training;

- organization of scientific and methodological work with the teaching staff of the region;

- creation of conditions for the introduction and adaptation of modern educational technologies;

- study and implementation of the best international and domestic experience of professional development of pedagogical workers.


- participation in the implementation of state, sectoral, regional programs and plans for the development of education;

- Increase the professional skills of managers of the education system (headmaster, etc.) under modern management programs;

- participation in the organization and conduct of regional, national and international conferences and seminars;

- publication of scientific-methodical, educational and informational materials.

Acting deputy director for educational and methodical work - Uteulina Roza Zhaksybekkyzy.

The branch of JSC NCPC "Orleu" Institute for professional development of Zhambyl region " includes the Office for Administrative and Organizational Issues, 6 departments (financial, academic, monitoring and analysis, public relations and publishing activities, information technologies, methodological support  of innovative development, technical staff) and the Center of Level Programs and 4 Departments:

- department of Innovative Technologies and Methods of Teaching Science (Humanitarian) Disciplines.

- department of Education and Socialization of the Individual.

- department of Management and Quality of Education.

- department of preschool education and primary education.

The faculty of the Institute is formed mainly from experienced teachers with high academic potential and significant pedagogical experience. To date, the Institute employs 43 teachers, including: 3 doctors of Sciences, 9 candidates of Sciences, 1 doctor of PhD and 24 have master's degree.