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Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Mangistau region, 13000, Aktau, microdistrict 13, building 47.

Director of the BranchDjumagalieva Indira Taumyshevna, Professor of the International Research Center of Information and Education of Germany (Dusseldorf).

History of the branch

Mangyshlak Regional Institute of teacher training was created in 1973.

In 2006-2012 Institute was renamed into Mangistau Institute of professional development in educational organizations. In September, the Institute opened in "Teacher's House".

According to the order № 1470 of 13.07.2012, the Department of Justice Almaly district of Almaty the institute of professional teachers of Mangistau region was reorganized as a branch of "National Centre of professional development "Өrleu".

Institute training on the basis of studying the quality of education is continuously working to improve the methods and content of training, provision of feedback to educational institutions, the proliferation of professional skills of teachers, raising the status and role of the teacher in society, systematization renovation of the school and the family, targeted co-ed educational psychologists with parents for personal development.

Deputy Director of Education and Methodology - Dyusenbaeva Akziyash Torenovna.

The Institute comprises 2 faculties and 10 departments.

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The number of students training courses, trained at the Institute for the last three years:

The Institute has made a great contribution to the introduction and practice of regional pilot project "Result-oriented School", effectively organizing its activities and implementing uptake of innovative technologies by best teaching staff during the course of activities.

By order of the Provincial Department of Education № 85 dated 02.04.2008, in the cities and districts of the region were assigned 17 educational institutions for systemic innovation. The innovative technology used by teachers in the teaching activities, "Three-dimensional methodical system", "Modular Training", "critical thinking", "Step-complex analysis", "Technology Development Training". Used innovation - technologies "three-level methodical system", "Modular learning", "Critical Thinking." Created prerequisites of possible conditions for the introduction of innovative technologies in all areas of school.

In 2009, by the director of the Institute I.T.Dzhumagalieva together with the director of the International Center for Information Science and Education of Germany N.B.Mihaylova memorandum was signed. In collaboration these organizations work on the program "Continuing Education", "Youth of the world". In joint work with researchers in Europe will conduct systematic courses f center-based distance learning.

In May 2012, on the basis of the Memorandum of International cooperation 27 teachers improved their skills in the republic, which include those scientists of RIPKSO, regional director and Methodists Institute leaders of educational organizations, directors of educational institutions. The key to training courses is to study the European experience in the psychology of management features and management.

"School Administration" in the context of the international standard of quality is a priority in the future development of the Ripken CO in the modernization of training and transition to 12-year education.

From 2008 to 2012, the faculty of our institute to show their professional skills and learn from foreign experience the opportunity in 9 countries and abroad: Germany, Russia (Moscow, Yaroslavl), France, Antalya, USA, Turkmenistan, the United Kingdom (London), Algeria and Turkey.

In educational institutions are open classrooms to study the works of President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Among 300 Kazakh trainers trained in Kazakhstan-Cambridge program, 5 trainers of our institute operate in organizing training courses III baseline. In 2012, the Mangistau region on further training courses were taught III level 200, level II - 15, by I, II, III level – 5 teachers. In order to effectively implement the program 7 modules in the educational process of the creative workshops, and online communities.

During the second stream training courses 3 (basic) level of collaboration coaches had been sent overseas specialist Terry Hopkins. The courses 3 (basic) level was held in 4 study groups. During training, Terry Hopkins held flow lectures for the courses on the topic "Evaluation of learning and assessment for learning", "Information and communication technologies." The lectures were informative and relevant.