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Address:Pavlodar region, Pavlodar

General Dyussenov street, 22/1


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Director of NCPD "Өrleu" Institute of Professional Development of teachers of Pavlodar region - Natalia Nikolaevnay Shpigar, Master of Pedagogical Sciences in specialty "Informatics" 

History of the branch 

As a worker of education she has the Letter of thanks from the President of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Excellence in Education, Honored Worker of Education of Kazakhstan, the badge "leading to the top of Mount Olympus", the Order "Honor" badge "For Service to the area".

As a part of JSC NCPD "Өrleu" IPK PR consists 3 faculties, 5 departments, museum and library.

The composition of the teaching staff:

Professors – 4

Doctors – 5

PhD – 6

Associate professors -7

Master’s degree – 8

Senior teachers – 22


• control and quality of education;

• innovative technologies and methods of teaching natural science (humanities) disciplines;

• psycho-pedagogical support teachers' professional development.


• governance of administrative and organizational issues;

• academic department;

• department of public relations and publishing;

• monitoring and Analysis department;

• finance department.

Faculty of control and quality of education:

- develops training programs and educational-methodical complexes training courses;

- conducting course training school leaders and pre-school educational institutions (pre-school), deputy director of educational institutions, pre-school workers;

- organizes and conducts research and experimental activities on the profile of the faculty and works on improvement of professional skills of educators;

- consults leaders on the issues of education quality management and provides advice and guidance to employees of educational institutions (creative labs, creative group).

Faculty of innovative technologies and methods of teaching natural science (humanities) disciplines:

- develops the content and format of the training courses;

- conducts teacher training course;

- criticizes the program for school subjects, special courses, training materials;

- consults teachers on the issues of teaching methods of natural science and the humanities;

- organizes the activities of teachers for creative ideas and findings (creative workshops, groups, associations).

Faculty of Psychological and Pedagogical Support for Teachers’ Professional Development:

- provides training, teaching, research and methodological research, advisory work on continuous professional development of teachers in the organization of psycho-pedagogical support of educational activities;

- organizes and conducts research on the psychological, organizational and pedagogical support for professional development of teachers;

- develops training programs, training manuals, analytical reports, opinions, reviews, recommendations;

- organizes and directs the work groups on the profile of the faculty.


Pavlodar regional museum of education was established in 2000 with the Regional Institute of Professional Development of Teachers on the initiative of the Department of Education and the Regional Institute of Professional Development of Teachers. Great contribution to the organization and creation of the museum have Shaimerdenov T., Z. Ochinnikova, E. Takirbasov, T. Daykenov, M. Borankulov, S. Aznabekova. The museum was originally signed it from scrap materials in the home and continues to work without disturbing the basic style and color.

Opening it was held May 3, 2000 on the eve of the 55th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Pedagogical Museum can be attributed to the museums historical profile that with its thematic directions defines the goals and objectives of the museum.