Continuous professional development of english teachers

In branch of  JSC “NCPD “Orleu” ITPD in Kostanay region” a meeting with participants in the first stream of the pilot project of the National Center for Professional Development “Өrleu” with the British Council for the Continuous Professional Development of  the English Language Teachers of Kazakhstan was held.

Methodologists  from  the education departments of the city and the region, heads and deputy principals of schools and, of course, English teachers  took part in the  round table with “be present” participants and “online” participants. There were those who has already been taking  part in the project and who plans to join the project in the second stream, expected in January-March 2022.     

The speeches  of  facilitators and moderators, opinions of the first participants in the project, voiced at the meeting, have become a driving force for many English language teachers who choose to increase professionalism in accordance with world standards.

Nursulu Suleimenova, adviser to the chairman of the Management Board of JSC “NCPD “Orleu”and Alyona Malgayeva, deputy head of the Department for Quality Assurance in Education across  Kostanay region, demonstrated the real possibility of implementing projects in partnership with well-known international companies that allows us to talk about increasing the professionalism of teachers and  their meeting world standards requirements.

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