Seven pillars of statehood

In Kostanay branch of  “Өrleu” on the eve of the Day of the First President, a round table “Seven Pillars of Statehood” was held. The topic is very important and relevant in the anniversary year of  Independence of the country.

Speaking  at  the expanded meeting of the Political council of the  Nur Otan party  Yelbasy,  Nursultan  Nazarbayev announced the Set of Principles of Statehood.

And  today  at  the  round  table  there  were speeches – considerations of teachers and specialists of  the branch on the principles voiced by the First President, which will become a key reference point for Kazakhstanis in the new era.

The independence, unity, and harmony, land as an invaluable heritage of ancestors, family and traditions, national culture, desire for  knowledge and hard work, pragmatism – every citizen of the country should know them today, this is the foundation on which a strong, competitive, developed, stable state is  being built.

The round table ended with the award ceremony for the best employees.

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