New horizons of cooperation

On 11/29/2021, a new Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Department of Education of the North Kazakhstan Region and the regional Branch of Orleu, represented by the new head N. Zhashibekov and the director of the Branch A.Murzalinova.

In the context of this Agreement, a Joint Activity Plan for 2022 was signed. The implementation of this Plan will make it possible to develop UNIFIED APPROACHES to improving the professional skills of teachers and conducting post-course events on topical issues of the development of education in North Kazakhstan region.

The plan includes all the main areas of activity: educational and methodological work, jointly organized events, post-course work, generalization and dissemination of the best innovative experience, work with reference schools, monitoring studies of the effectiveness of course preparation…

The Plan includes 7 joint events, which provides opportunities for teachers of the North Kazakhstan Region to interact and quickly master, disseminate and scale rational and effective educational practices.

The updated Cooperation Agreement and the Plan of Joint Activities between the Department of Education and the Branch of the Orleu of the North Kazakhstan Region is a significant contribution to improving the quality of continuous professional development of teachers of the North Kazakhstan Region.

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