Our colleagues of Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University are holding an international forum “High Technologies, artificial intelligence and robotic systems in education”. The Forum is dedicated to promoting international scientific, technical and business cooperation, innovative processes related to high technologies, artificial intelligence, and robotics in education.

The forum was attended by specialists from Russia, Italy, China, the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan. The plenary part of the forum was opened by Pessina Luigi, Director of Public Sector Work in Central and Eastern Europe, Intel with the report “Transformation of education for the workforce of the future”. Intel ® Skills for Innovation is a new word in the role of technology in education, allowing students to become a new generation of innovators.

In the second studio of the forum, the director of the branch of the National Center for Advanced Training “Orleu” in the East Kazakhstan region Gauhar Sailaubekovna Zhumanova made a report: “Development of digital competencies of a modern teacher in the conditions of distance education” (from the experience of the FAO “NCPC “Orleu” IPK PR in East Kazakhstan region).

Gauhar Sailaubekovna expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to speak and share her experience at such an urgent international scientific and practical conference. In her speech, she said that quite unexpectedly Kazakhstan, like most countries of the world, had to urgently switch to distance learning. The search for alternative forms of education has begun.

17 branches of the Joint-Stock Company “National Center for Advanced Training “Orleu” were on the front line, in the very center of the struggle for high-quality distance education. Teachers and methodologists of advanced training institutes faced the tasks of developing new training programs for distance teachers, developing evaluation criteria and instructions, conducting training courses for teachers, organizing explanatory work with the parent community and, most importantly, shooting video tutorials.

You can get acquainted with the performance of Gauhar Sailaubekovna in more detail by following the link


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