Formation of ecological culture of students

On December 7, within the framework of cooperation with the Department of Education, the director of the National Center for Advanced Training “Orleu” in the East Kazakhstan region Gauhar Sailaubekovna Zhumanova made a report “Improving the environmental competence of teachers in the process of continuous professional development” at the regional seminar “Formation of ecological culture of personality through the implementation of innovative research activities in the system of preschool and primary school education”.

The seminar was held on the basis of the “Valeological Specialized School-complex for gifted children” of the Department of Education of the East Kazakhstan Region.

“Who and when should form an ecological culture in a person?”, – the director of the “Valeological specialized school-complex for gifted children”, PhD, professor, academician Natalia Vasilyevna Akhaeva answered this question.

“In our opinion, the formation of culture, including environmental, should be handled by the school, since the acquired knowledge and skills during the training period can further strengthen into strong beliefs,” says Natalia Vasilyevna. Students who have received ecological ideas will take care of their health and the environment. In the future, this may significantly affect the improvement of the ecological situation of the region and the country as a whole.

Natalia Vasilyevna presented a project developed with the support of Kazzink LLP 10 educational videos, the main character of which is “Valeoshka” a fictional hero helps children learn a lot about natural phenomena, make discoveries, explore, find answers.

The purpose of this project is the formation of the ecological culture of the student through the implementation of innovative research activities in the system of preschool and primary school education.

Educational video tutorials were created jointly with students and parents of the Valeological Specialized School, work on the content immersed its creators in the world of new professional knowledge. These are stage skills, script writing, knowledge of composition, shooting, lighting, etc.

In the second session, the guests attended classes of innovative pedagogical experience:

Protection of the ecological project “Creation of environmentally friendly fertilizer for potato cultivation”, integrated lesson of mathematics, ecology, research activity “Productivity. Who should I become?”.

We got acquainted with the implementation of the projects “University of Children”, “Su tirshilik kozi”, with the organization of educational activities of preschool children 4-5 years old, etc.

At the end of the event, the following conclusions were made

• * the formation of ecological culture of students through innovative research activities in the system of preschool and primary school education is a priority in general education institutions;

* in order to systematize the work on the formation of ecological culture, a program of environmental education and upbringing is necessary to ensure the organization of cognitive, cognitive-entertaining, practical and research activities of students.

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