Implamentation of the lesson study into school practice

December 7, Zhambyl «Orleu»  held a republican practical seminar on the topic: «Lesson study is the basis for developing the experience of a teacher». During the event, the coordinator of partner schools for the research work of Guliz Abdykadyrov of school-gymnasium №78 of  Nur-Sultan city spoke on the topic: «Effectiveness of joint work in developing the professional level of teachers», and familiarized with joint work in this area. Also, Tilepbergenova Zarina, primary school teacher of the Kazakh classical gymnasium №45 named after B. Momyshuly, introduced her practical work in a speech on the topic «Organization of the lesson study». Kirkinbayeva Elvira, head of the primary school association of the Kazakh classical gymnasium №45, spoke about the progress of focus groups, reflexive score, rates of differentiation and noted the introduction of lesson research into school practice is the first step, it is very important to conduct it in a high-quality manner, to study the impact on increasing the experience of teachers.

Farida Kulen, Senior Lecturer, Department of Methodology and Pedagogic Innovation

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