STEM and STEAM in additional education

On December 3 of this year, in honor of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a regional webinar “STEM and STEAM in additional education” was held at the Institute “Orleu” – WKO on the ZOOM platform.

 The goal of the webinar is to increase the creative and research activity of teachers in such methods as an integrated approach to STEM and STEAM education and a new format of pedagogical professionalism. The moderators of the webinar were Saira Seksenbayeva and Gulmarzhan Utegul, senior teachers of the Department of Methods of Teaching Natural Sciences. Eldos Safullin, Deputy Director of the Institute, opened the webinar and wished success to the participants. The participants of the webinar shared valuable information, feedback and exchanged views on the specifics and relevance of the new STEM and STEAM in additional education, technological integration of career guidance into the system of additional education for children, creative and research activities of teachers in STEM and STEAM. The participants thanked the senior teachers for their support.

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