Lesson in Partnership

How to make a literature lesson interesting and attractive? How to motivate modern students to read and analyze the text? How can a student translate their “object of learning” category into the “subject of learning” category? These issues are solved through the introduction of a strategic approach to teaching reading in the educational process.

Within the framework of the project “Lesson in partnership between Orleu and schools”, a lesson on Russian literature was held in the 6th grade on the topic “Real and fantastic heroes in the story of N.V.Gogol “The Night before Christmas” by the senior teacher of the Department of Methods of Teaching Humanities and Natural Sciences O.M. Medvedeva and the teacher of the “Yakorskaya School” of the Kyzylzhar district A.M. Turezhanova. The lesson is organized on the basis of the principles of a strategic approach.

At the pre-text stage, students updated their knowledge of the text through the “Alphabet round Table” strategy. At the text stage, the heroes of the story (Vakula, Oksana, Solokha and the Devil) were characterized and a cluster was compiled with their characteristics. For effective work in groups on the analysis of each hero, the “Whirlpool” strategy was used. At the post-text stage, students were asked to write an essay on the topic “My favorite hero of the story”.

The interrelation of all three stages (pre-text, text and post-text) allowed students to deeply comprehend the content of the story and contributed to the formation of such functional skills as searching and extracting information, its interpretation and reflection on what they read.

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