The work of veterans of the advanced training system and teaching staff was noted

The 30th anniversary of our country’s independence has brought together not only the solemnity and honor of those working in the field of education, but also those who created the history of today.  There are many good and important traditions in the history and corporate culture of “Orleu”, one of which is the succession of generations, respect for history and respect for those who have made a significant contribution to the development of domestic pedagogy and education.  Today “Orleu-Aktobe” held another solemn event.

            On December 15, in honor of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the country, “Orleu-Aktobe” united several generations of representatives of the advanced training system in Aktobe region.  Veterans of BAI took part in a festive table and a solemn ceremony of awarding anniversary awards.  Memories of veterans are full of life stories that will forever be written in the history of “Orleu-Aktobe” as a value for the strategy of development and education of the younger generation of teachers.

            Despite the distance, the event was attended by veterans who have contributed to the development of professional development for many years.  Many thanks to N.K.Kibataeva and G.O.Mukanova.

            The Department of Education of Aktobe region, the regional trade union committee, the Board of JSC “NCPC”Orleu “, the branch” Orleu-Aktobe “awarded certificates of honor, letters of thanks, flowers and gifts for their contribution to the 30-year history of education and the region.  Welcoming remarks of the Board of JSC “NCPC”Orleu “were delivered by veterans of the Department of” Administrative and Personnel “N.N.Ristanov to veterans, faculty and staff of the branch via online communication, which was important for the team.

            Of course, there were bright memories of people who passed away, but in the history of “Orleu-Aktobe” and in the hearts of their colleagues.  Such meetings are needed.  Such meetings are important.  Our experience has shown that there is nothing more important than communication and respect, support and appreciation.

            Happy holiday, dear veterans and colleagues!  May our common home, Kazakhstan, prosper, and we fill it with human values ​​and goodness!

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