A promising partnership of the highest order

For the current conditions of large-scale educational reforms, it is important to work in partnership.

Orleu-SKO, thanks to the International Methodological Center “Academy of Pedagogical Excellence: skills of the XXI century” (membership since 2020) actively, meaningfully and creatively develops partnership.

This means the participation of the Orleu team and teachers of the North Kazakhstan Region in educational events in the following areas:

– Project laboratory of young teachers: Startups of project mastery

– Telecommunication projects: from an idea to an innovative product

– Teacher Olympiads: I want to. I can. Doing

– Professional workshop: peer-to-peer

– Open Pedagogical Club “Education without Borders”

– School of Professional Development “Competition”

– Foresight Bureau “Andragog of the XXI century”

International Methodological Center (MMC) unites educational development institutes and methodological centers of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

On December 21, a meeting of the MMC Council was held, where the results of joint work were summed up.

The Director of Orleu-SKO A.Murzalinova made a statement “The formula for common success” (joint participation in 10 educational events), proposed new directions for 2022. So an interesting interaction awaits our teachers ahead.

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