Teachers of the republic shared their experience

One of the features in the content of the instructional and methodological letter «On the peculiarities of the organization of the educational process in secondary education organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the 2021-2022 school year» is the improvement of work with poorly performing students. Based on this letter, the senior lecturer Zhambyl “Orleu” Tulekova Aisha held a republican online seminar on the topic «Organization and planning of work with poorly performing students». During the event, the teacher of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemical and Biological direction of Almaty city Kuanyshbaeva Aigerim, teacher of the public humanitarian school of gymnasium No. 1 named after Y.Altynsarina of Turkestan region Turysbekova Zhadira, history teacher Indira Shynybayeva and biology teacher Zhanbyrshieva Nazgul of the gymnasium named after.Bauyrzhana Momyshuly of Zhambyl region, primary school teacher of the Assumption Secondary School No. 3 of Pavlodar region Shakirova Zhansaya discussed the reasons for the student’s lag, and they shared their experience in improving academic performance and increasing his interest in learning.

Dina Seydanova, Senior Lecturer, Department of methodology for teaching natural and humanities disciplines

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