Lesson study: focus group organized

For the purpose of joint professional development, the senior teacher Zhambyl «Оrleu», master of philology Karymbayeva Sagadat on the basis of secondary school № 54 Taraz created a focus group. Sagadat Meirambaevna was approved by the moderator of the focus group «Ushkyn»  and members of the group were identified, a secretary, an expert and observers were appointed. The purpose of the first session was to establish introductory sessions to determine the topic of focus group research and to determine the levels of class students. To reveal this goal, the examination of the school psychologist who was present at the meeting of the group was discussed, a schedule of lessons, the activities of experts and observers were planned. In addition, in order to support the school administration, a special classroom was organized and effective communication with parents. The next step is to conduct introductory classes.

Aisha Tulekova, Senior Lecturer, Department of methodology for teaching natural and humanities disciplines

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