Environmental Forum: teacher’s professional development

Zhambyl «Өrleu» from November 22 to 26 holds an environmental and educational forum «Environmental education in the new conditions». The first day of the Forum was dedicated to the topic “Professional growth of a teacher”, where teachers exchanged experience in the implementation of eco-education and upbringing.The head of the department, Dr. PhD Elmira Mirzaliyeva, senior teacher of the department Abdikerimova Nazira revealed the topic of environmental education in additional education, the head of the vocational guidance department of the Regional Center for School Olympiads and extracurricular events Olga Sagandykova spoke about effective activities for the development of environmental education for children in Zhambyl region,the theme of the speech of senior teacher Svetlana Shevchenko was devoted to innovative opportunities and modernization of preschool education: on the way to environmental culture, art teacher №43 of secondary school Markhabat Kozhageldieva shared her practical experience, demonstrating products that contribute to the development of a manifestation of love for the world around us.

Aigul Abilova, Senior Lecturer, Department of Methodology and Pedagogical Innovation

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