Cooperation of DKSO and “Aktobe -Orleu “

Today, a solemn event took place in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Department of Quality in Education (DKSO) of the Aktobe region.  For 10 years, the Department has made a huge contribution to the formation and development of quality policy, standardization of norms and requirements for the education sector in the region.

          The problem of the quality of education and the requirements for this aspect are changing with the development of society and technology.  Now in the field of education there are more requirements in the field of digitalization, information and communication technologies, distance learning, interactive technologies.

          Changing technologies and the concept of development entails a change in requirements in the field of ensuring the quality of education.  Today she made a report “The problem of the quality of education in the region: tasks and development prospects” along with colleagues – the head of the DKSO B. Kuzembay, the rector of the ARSU named after  Zhubanova L. Karabasova.

          The solemn event brought together representatives of educational organizations of the region, public organizations, teachers and veterans who contributed to the management and control system of education.  The DKSO team was awarded with certificates and awards on behalf of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, akim of the region, etc. The deputy akim of the region, the head of education of the region and other heads of state bodies took part in the event.

          A large number of tasks and responsibilities are carried out by DKSO, which are considered daily at all meetings of the collegial and official bodies of the region.  “Orleu-Aktobe” wishes you success and further solid steps in the development of quality policy!  We, as social partners, thank you for your cooperation and invitation to significant projects!

        Thank the DKSO in the person of the head B. Kuzembay for the gratitude on behalf of the head of KKSON G. Kobenova, who noted our participation in the work of collegial bodies and monitoring work of the DKSO in the framework of cooperation.

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