Organization of work with gifted children

November 26 for teachers of secondary educational organizations Zhambyl «Оrleu» held a training seminar on the topic «Forms, methods and techniques of working with gifted children in an English lesson in a modern school» organized by senior lecturer of the department Aigul Abilova. The speaker of the broadcast invited Koigeldieva Aisana, an English teacher at the Specialized Boarding School «Bilim-Innovation» for gifted girls named «Aisha bibi» in Zhambyl region, where she revealed the topic of organizing work at the English lesson with gifted children. She showed the goals, tasks and principles of working with this category of children in the conditions of a modern school. Paying special attention to the methods of work, taken from personal work experience. The relevance of this broadcast is that the presented material can be retaught and revised and later used in working with both successful and lagging children at the English language lesson.

Farida Kulen, Senior Lecturer, Department of methodology and pedagogical innovations

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