Integrated educational program

Within the framework of the project “Lesson in partnership of Orleu and school”, senior teacher of the North Kazakhstan branch of “Orleu” Ilyasova Akmaral Shatikovna together with the English teacher of Beskolskaya secondary school No. 2 of Kyzylzhar district Sadbaeva Gulmere Serikova developed and conducted an integrated lesson of natural science and English in the 3rd grade on the topic “Zattar kandai bolady?”.

During the proposed integrated lesson, students received a holistic view of bodies, the interrelationships of objects and phenomena. At such classes, the imaginative horizons of students are expanded, creative possibilities are revealed through the correlation of the general content of the subject with life, active learning is effectively organized in the implementation of the language goal.

A special feature of the project “Lesson in partnership between Orleu and schools” is the interaction in the format of professional pedagogical communication, contributing to the development of new approaches to lesson design and the exchange of experience of practical teachers.

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