Regional webinar organized

On January 31, 2022, the Department “Preschool and primary education” of the Turkestan Oblast and Shymkent Branch of “Orleu” National Centre for Professional Development, JSC organized a webinar on the topic “In the world of literature: learning the language of the works of I. Zhansugurov (“Kulager”), innovation and continuity of traditions” in order to promote the formation of personal qualities of new citizens of the new Kazakhstan.

Emphasis was placed on the importance of creative teaching methods to encourage students to read independently, explore, motivate them to read fiction. The fact is that most of the works in the school curriculum are mainly studied, analyzed, in case of incomplete reading of a work of art, the compositional structure, etc. Given the inability to analyze, the task of the teacher is only to be able to correctly give specific guidelines, provide constant support (especially talented, gifted).

The learning objectives, which are difficult for some teachers, were focused and matched with practice. In particular, for example, in the work of the literary theory researcher Z.Akhmetov “The Pinnacle of Poetic Wisdom” (pp. 127-129), Ilyas’s poem “Kulager” (his phrases, etc.), “Selected Works” 1st volume (pp. 276-277) it is taken into account that we are presented with methods for assessing the modern novelty of the works of a valuable poet and writer (both works are available), specific examples, analytical models, examples of student support can be compared with T. Alimkulov’s story “Kok Karshyga”, etc.

The teachers then shared their thoughts and gave constructive feedback. The participants of the webinar thanked the senior lecturer of the Department L.Zhanysbek for organizing the webinar.

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