Methodological assistance to teachers in the development of students’ research skills

On January 31, 2022, in accordance with the research plan of the Вepartment “Methodology and Pedagogical Innovations”, in order to provide methodological assistance to school teachers, a seminar was held on the topic “Methodological assistance to teachers in the development of students’ research skills”.
The event was opened by M. B. Akhtaev, Deputy Director for Educational and Methodological Work, who pointed out the main problems and ways to solve them that teachers face when conducting research with schoolchildren. The head of the Вepartment, G.Rakhimzhanova introduced the effective methods of working with literature, which are necessary in the course of the study.
The teachers of the Department proposed topical issues for discussion: O. Naizabek “Pedagogical foundations for the formation of students’ cognitive abilities in Physics”, G. Batkayeva “Formation and development of research competencies of students in teaching Physics at school”, G. Sadykova “Development of research skills of students in teaching Computer Sciences”.
At the end of the seminar, the teachers noted that the proposed practices contribute to the development of students’ research skills and mental abilities, and expressed confidence that the scientific cooperation of the Institute for Advanced Studies “Orleu” with schools will give significant results.

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