Professional development – a way to make practice more effective

In the period from 23.05 to 03.06.2022, the Orleu branch of North Kazakhstan region conducts online advanced training courses for Kazakh language teachers in Russian-language schools on the topic “development of professional competence of teachers of the subject” Kazakh language and literature”.

The relevance of the course is aimed at improving students ‘ theoretical knowledge and studying the levels of normative legal, pedagogical and psychological training of the effectiveness of the learning process in modern education.

Within the framework of advanced training, it studies information on the use of innovative technologies in the development of students ‘ language skills in the effective organization of the learning process, the formation of Soft skills skills in improving teaching methods, the level of effective use of IT technologies in creating tasks on internet platforms, the main idea of teaching critical thinking.

Students demonstrate their competence by performing webinars, independent work, and final tests on ways to integrate pedagogical approaches in the classroom in order to identify and overcome learning barriers.

At the end of the course, in order to evaluate the theoretical knowledge gained by students, work is carried out on the preparation and protection of the presentation of the project, demo lesson.

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