Exhibition of the project «Informal education with Orleu»

Within the framework of cooperation with Kozybayev University, a traveling exhibition of the project “Orleumen Formaldy emes bilim Beru” was organized at the Institute of Professional Development in North Kazakhstan

Region. This project was launched in 2020 in Orleu-North Kazakhstan and is aimed at distributing samples of world practice by annotating books of the Rukhani Zhangyru project “100 best textbooks of the world” to motivate teachers and renew thinking and activity.

The social effect is the development of the teacher’s reading culture, his familiarization with the best examples of literature to motivate self-realization and self-development in the context of effective world experience.

We invite teachers of the region to read these books. The exhibition is organized in the lobby of the 2nd floor of the “Orleu-SKO” branch.

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