With the support of the Kazakhstan Federation of Educational and Sports Robotics “KazRobotics”, on the eve of the Children’s Day, the regional qualifying stage of the competition “KazRoboSport-2022” was held.

Qualified employees of the Institute of Professional Development in SPEED were invited as judges at the regional stage of the competition.

The purpose of the championship: Development and popularization of educational and sports robotics among children and youth of Kazakhstan.

Championship categories of the 2022 season:

– biathlon (in the age groups of 10-14 years and 15-18 years);

– sumo 10*10 (in the age groups of 14-17 years and 18-21 years).

The maximum duration of one round is 2 minutes.

Students of the Humanitarian and Technical College will represent our region at the Republican competition.

Employees of our branch were awarded a certificate for judging in the qualifying round of the North Kazakhstan region “KazRoboSport-2022” in the category of Robosumo 10 *10 (14-17 years old).

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