International cooperation is the most important aspect of the activity of Orleu!

Today, international cooperation plays an important role in the development of professional and leadership qualities of a specialist, being one of the most valuable and intensive stages of gaining experience. This thesis is key for the employees of JSC “NCPC “Orleu”.

Sabieva K. U., Komomarovskaya N.D., Medvedeva O.M. and Akmagambetova G.K., teachers of “Orleu” in North Kazakhstan region, participated in an online seminar on “Professional development of teachers: from planning educational programs to changes in classroom practice” from May 11 to 12, 2022. The coordinator of the seminar is Tallinn University of Estonia. The components of the effectiveness of the seminar: relevance, deep content and practice-oriented training.

In such a short period of time, the teachers of Tallinn University have revealed aspects of creative andragogy based on the analysis of their pedagogical experience. Thanks to the professionalism, skill, and openness of our Estonian colleagues, we have figured out how to design a model of transformational adult learning, approaches to the formation of soft skills in modern students, and ways to prepare teachers to work with 21st century competencies.

We express our great gratitude to the staff of Tallinn University and the speakers of the seminar for the excellent organization and extremely rich, informative work program, detailed reflection and attention to self-reflection, exchange of experience and many different impulses to professional self-improvement.

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