Regulatory Focus

In Orleu-SKO, a subject-thematic meeting of students of course training (52 teachers of preschool educational institutions, 25 social educators) took place with the head and specialists of the Department for Quality Assurance in the field of Education of SKO A.Suraganova, G.Ilyasova and M.Panarina. 

Topic – What should a teacher know and be able to do within the competence of working with regulatory legal acts?

The basis of the meeting: 1) the needs and difficulties of the teachers themselves related to the regulation of professional activities, 2) Memorandum of Cooperation (dated 15.01.2015) DOKSON on North Kazakhstan Region and Orleu-North Kazakhstan Region.

The range of issues discussed: self-assessment of the organization of education as an integral part of certification, the rights and obligations of teachers in the aspect of pedagogical ethics, the admission of children for training, the inadmissibility of involving teachers in types of work that do not meet pedagogical activity, etc.

Achieved results: 1. Teachers received advice and comments on current regulatory legal acts. 2. The staff of DOKSON for North Kazakhstan Region and Orleu-North Kazakhstan Region clarified the nature of the existing difficulties and needs of teachers and educational organizations. 3. Some of the difficulties have been removed. 4. Strengthening ties in the education system of the North Kazakhstan region aimed at developing the quality of education. 5. The questions of teachers that require contacting the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for analysis in the aspect of legal consolidation are recorded.  

Prospects for cooperation – holding such meetings on a systematic basis in a face-to-face format, continuation of the heading in the publication “Pedagogicalyk izdenis”.

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