STEAM is the education of the future

On June 8, 2022, on the basis of the North Kazakhstan branch of “Orleu” within the framework of the Republican project “Auyl mektebi – eldin besigi”, a webinar on the topic “STEM training” was held jointly with the branch of the Mangystau region: from theory to practice”.

96 teachers took part in the webinar (82 of them from rural schools). 

STEM education is gaining more and more momentum in the educational process, which covers natural sciences, technology, technical creativity and mathematics. The demand for specialists in technical areas is growing every year, so this type of education is relevant.

During the webinar, the participants reviewed and discussed issues related to the organization of students’ project and research activities based on Stem technology, the development of scientific and creative abilities with the help of robotics.

Special attention was paid to such features of STEM education as integrated learning on “topics” rather than on subjects, the development of interest in technical disciplines, active communication and teamwork, the application of scientific and technical knowledge in real life, the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills, preparation for technological innovations of life.

As part of the webinar, a master class “Pedagogical practice of forming meta-subject results using STEAM” was held.

The webinar contributed to the active motivation of teaching staff to introduce Stem technology into the educational process, which will allow teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an integrated manner.

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