Learning through practice

Today JSC “NCPC “Orleu” has provided a unique opportunity for the teaching staff of the branches to master the design model of the educational program of advanced training Backwards design and didactic design on the course “Learning through practice” conducted by the EdCrunch Academy team. From the Aktobe branch, the deputy took part .Director of the Institute, Master Trnabaeva N., head of the Department, PhD, Davletkalieva E., senior lecturer , Master Suleimenova S.

It is important to note that leading experts-practitioners in the field of pedagogical design, neuroscience, methodology from Russia, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, the Netherlands are involved in the training of teachers-trainers, who will accompany the training at all stages.

For two months, trainers will be able to systematize their practice, master a wider range of tools for designing a program in a new format for themselves. As a result, 24 educational programs and UMCS in various subjects will be developed.We thank the organizers for the opportunity to study!

We are confident that this training program will create a solid system of knowledge for teachers, improve their personal competencies in designing educational programs for advanced training of teachers and educational and methodological complexes for programs.

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