Development of psychological, pedagogical and social competencies of teachers

Within the framework of vocational training opportunities offered by the branch of the National Center for Advanced Training “Orleu” in the North Kazakhstan region, a certification course has been developed specifically designed for educators working in boarding schools. This course focuses on the key aspects of teaching and upbringing, and provides those who take the course with in-depth knowledge on the topic: “Development of psychological, pedagogical and social competencies of teachers in planning and implementing educational work in boarding schools.”

It has become a good tradition to conduct corporate courses for educators of the KSU “Support Center for Children in difficult life situations of the Ayyrtau district”.  And once again, 37 educators have completed this PC course. And also, educators of KSU Petropavlovsk Children’s Social Service Center, KSU “Support Center for children in difficult life situations of Kyzylzhar district”, KSU “Youth House” of Petropavlovsk, KSU “Family-type Children’s Village”, “Regional specialized boarding school for gifted children named after Abu Dosmukhambetov”, school boarding schools of KSU “Soviet secondary School” of Akkayinsky district, KSU “Yakorskaya school” of Kyzylzhar district increased qualification in these courses. 

This course has further expanded the knowledge of boarding school teachers in the development of professional competencies. Informative topics include improving persuasion and influence skills, organizing individual and group work with students, creating digital opportunities, and the effective experience of other organizations. The course certified boarding school teachers on cybersecurity and social networks, including topics such as the use of online platforms and applications, behavior and risks, online incident management, strategies for involving students in useful pages of the Internet space, which is a very relevant aspect today.  This course certified boarding school teachers in understanding, analyzing and applying risk management methods within their roles in the boarding school environment, certified boarding school teachers in creating a safe cultural environment for boarding school students.

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