Teachers’ Congress

Today, on March 3, a congress of teachers is being held in Petropavlovsk. This time the focus will be on school historical education and history teachers.

Traditionally, breakout sessions are held before the plenary session:

The content of school historical education: SES, standard curricula, standard curricula, textbooks; 2) evaluation of educational achievements of students: state, problems, recommendations; 3) scientific and project studies of schoolchildren in History: state, problems, recommendations; 4) training of history teachers, professional development 5) conceptual foundations of teaching stories in secondary education organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan (project).

In the system of advanced training, all attention was paid to the work of the fourth section, where the director of the branch, PhD, Professor Alma Murzalinova from 2019 presented not only data on the advanced training of history teachers, but also specific promising solutions to change the format of teaching teachers within the highly specialized educational programs of the new generation PC courses. The development of programs is based on the analysis, refinement and verification of the results of focus groups.

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