Professional development is the key to successful work

Today, teachers of preschool education, teachers of natural science and humanities have started to improve their skills in “Orleu” – Aktobe. For the next two weeks, qualified coaches of our branch became their mentors: Davletkalieva E.S., Rakhatova K.Zh., Sugurbayeva A.S., Setkereeva G.A.
Within the framework of professional development, the largest volume will be occupied by classes in the form of seminars, which are the main opportunity to bring to the listener the necessary complex of theoretical and practical knowledge, such as pedagogical design, creating an environment of mental well-being, theory of generations, the formation of a system of flexible soft skills.
At the courses, the trainers will not be limited to issuing “recipes” to overcome specific difficulties, they create a common base for solving many tasks independently.
We believe that in two weeks of fruitful work, each teacher will be armed with a unique experience that he will apply in his future practice.
We wish you fruitful work and effective training, new knowledge and valuable skills!

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