Courses for improving subject competencies have been launched

On September 5, 2022, advanced training courses for teachers of Kazakh language and literature, Russian language and literature, English, geography, senior counselors, teachers of pre-school started in the branch of JSC “NCPC” Orleu” in the Aktobe region “Institute of Professional Development”.

During the advanced training courses, students improve their subject competencies within the framework of improving the quality of knowledge, deepen their subject knowledge in the field of the subject being studied, developing skills and abilities for implementation in practice, application of regulatory legal documents on disciplines in the learning process.

When organizing the educational process in order to control and evaluate the knowledge of students, it is carried out in the form of practical tasks, solving tasks, designing a fragment of a lesson, final testing, etc.

We wish you success in improving the professional competencies of teachers who meet modern requirements!

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